These instructions will show you how to convert the couch to a murphy bed. To convert from a bed to a couch just reverse the instructions.

When the couch is set up it will look like this:

1 Couch Setup

The first step is to fold down the first leg of the table.

2 Fold One leg down

Then fold the other leg down:

3 Fold Other Leg Down

Next remove the back cushions from the couch.

4 Remove back cushions

Then remove the bottom cushions. We store these next to the Trundle bed.

5 remove bottom cushions

Now pull the bed down halfway and locate the leg bar for the bed.

6 pull bed down halfway

Pull the legs of the bed around so it is below the mattress

7 put the legs of the bed down

Then rest the bed on the floor.  Make sure the coffee table is pushed against the couch.

8 put bed to floor

Now put the top cushions from the couch at the back of the bed against the wall.

9 put the top cushions of couch at head of bed

Add some of the white pillows.

10 add pillows

Then add the decorative blanket.

11 add blanket

Finally, add some throw pillows

12 add throw pillows

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